Information for our Clients & Participants

Ways New Leaf can support you

  • Managing your SSI/SSA income
  • Using it to pay rent, bills, and send money for groceries & other needs
  • Free Visa prepaid debit cards from True Link (click to see more) 
  • Direct deposit to your own bank account
  • Help with Social Security and Medi-Cal questions
  • Help connect you to counseling on benefits when you have a job

How New Leaf supports you

  • Discuss your needs with you and your support team
  • Pay rent directly to your landlord
  • Receive your bill statements and pay them directly
  • Monitor your total resources (your cash) for SSI & Medi-Cal eligibility
  • Connecting with your Service Coordinator, Support Staff, and people identified in your IPP
  • Advocating for you and the services you are entitled to receive
  • Helping you understand your benefits and reporting changes to Social Security

Who does this work?

  • NLS has expert teams here to help you
  • Our teams include Budget Counselors and Social Security Experts
  • We use safe, secure, and accurate technology to manage your money
  • We can participate in your IPP or Regional Center planning team meetings

Hours and Ways to Connect

  • Phones open 9 am – 4 pm Monday through Friday
  • We strive to return calls the same day, not 48 hours
  • We will work directly with your Support Provider and Service Coordinator
  • You can email us at

Contact us

Phone: (415) 322-3835

Fax: (888) 900-8795