Information for Family Members of People Needing Support

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We agree with Social Security, that in most cases, a family member or a trusted friend is the most suitable representative payee. However, we understand that dealing with money can strain relationships. We also understand that  navigating Social Security’s bureaucracy and paperwork can be burdensome, time-consuming, and complicated.

New Leaf is here to help when a current payee is looking for a succession plan, and the supported loved-one has no other family member or friend to turn to.  As an organizational representative payee, we can request that Social Security appoint us to this role.  Social Security will evaluate the facts and then make a determination on whether the person still needs a representative payee, and if so, who it will be.



At this time, our program is limited to people served by a California Regional Center. Here is a list of Regional Centers where we are currently accepting referrals:

  • Kern Regional Center
  • North Bay Regional Center
  • Westside Regional Center

If your family member belongs to one of these centers list above, talk to your service coordinator about starting a referral.

Please be aware, it can take anywhere from 2-12 months for Social Security to evaluate and process a payee change application.

If you would like to connect with us directly to learn more about our services, please email us at

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