Information for Regional Staff Members


Thank You Regional Center Staff!

You play a vital role in the life of the person we mutually support. Our goal is to help carry out the mission laid out in the person’s IPP. Through our work, our aim is to help create financial stability for the participants in our program.

In the past, Service Coordinators often provided representative payee services at Regional Centers.  We’ve helped reduce the amount of phone calls and paperwork related to repsresentive payee work on Regional Center staff. We understand that your caseloads numbers are high and you play many different roles. We hope our work supports you!

Common Interactions between Service Coordinators and New Leaf

  • Money disbursement requests and needs evaluations
  • Help connecting to other providers in the planning team
  • Medical reports for Disability Update Reports and Continuing Disability Reviews
  • Discussion and advice about the individual’s employment
  • Award letter requests and conserved fund balance updates
  • Referral and intake assessments
  • General benefit guidance

Services outside of our program design (not performed by a representative payee)

  • Managing employment income
  • Signing documents on behalf of our clients (except Social Security/Medi-Cal Redeterminations)
  • Actively managing or representing healthcare or Medi-Cal benefits (enrollment and disenrollment)
  • Claims Representation – Initial benefit applications for SSI or Medi-cal See WIC 4659

Contact us

Phone: (415) 322-3835

Fax: (888) 900-8795