Who can be referred

At this time, our program is limited to non-conserved people served by a California Regional Center. Here is a list of Regional Centers where we are currently accepting referrals:

  • Kern Regional Center
  • North Bay Regional Center
  • Westside Regional Center

Important note about conservatorship: Social Security may automatically reject payee change applications for individuals who are conserved.  During the payee change process, it is important that the conservator demonstrate to Social Security why conservatorship is ending or why the conservator cannot be the payee.  Conservators of Estate must be the representative payee, according to the California Courts system.

What is required

Service coordinator initiates the referral by completing our online questionnaire.

Receive the referral from SC, minimal paperwork, we do an online evaluations.

(spotlight link on important intake questions)

Organization payee role

Payee of last resort. Define from SSA guide

Conservators should be payee, link the CA handbook

Payee preference list

Link the list, abbreviate it

What if own payee (create a drop down or choice, who is current payee: self or someone else)


It may take Social Security anywhere from 2-12 months to approve a payee change request.  Social Security’s rules have been updated to require a thorough investigation and interviews of each party involved for why the change is needed.

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