What We Do

What We Do

Our Mission

At New Leaf Solutions, we empower people living with developmental disabilities through compassion, knowledge, and collaborative support. As a representative payee, we help create secure living environments for our program participants. We work closely with our participants and their planning team to navigate cash and health benefit systems.

01  Money Management

With help from from our expert team, New Leaf Solutions will develop a detailed budget to organize your monthly expenses. We’re available to help discuss options when you need funds outside your normal budget.  We offer direct deposit of spending money to your own account or can provide a prepaid debit card.

02  Eligibility Reporting

Our goal is to help you stay eligibility for monthly benefits.  We report important changes in your life to Social Security and help you better understand your benefits. We monitor resources for continued eligibility for SSI and Medi-Cal, and process redetermination paperwork for SSI and Medi-cal.  We will work with your Regional Center Service Coordinator during routine Social Security Disability Reviews.

03  Advocacy & Guidance

We understand that Social Security and other programs can be very complex.  As an advocate, we’ll help guide you on resources and supports that are available to you. We’ll work with you and your planning team to advocate for additional services we think will help you with your benefits and finances.

We Help In

Creating Financially Stable Environments

Our goal is to strengthen our communities by ensuring that those with developmental disabilities consistently meet their basic needs, have access to services they’re entitled to, and see an improvement in their overall standard of living.

At New Leaf, we constantly strive to find ways to maximize our clients’ benefits, avoid overpayments, and strengthen their ability to live integrated lives within their communities.

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Developing a Budget

Our Money Management Process

New Leaf  develops a detailed budget to organize monthly expenses. These expenses can include rent, grocery funds, utility bills, funds for personal expenses, medical expenses, and other recurring monthly expenses. Important parts of our Money Management Process are:

  • Personal Spending
  • Bill Paying
  • Saving funds for unexpected expenses
  • Prioritizing expenses
  • Daily Disbursement Schedules
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Improving Our Clients Financial Situations

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